Our Team

Sales Team

John Cutler
John Cutler Principal M. 027 232 2913 Contact Agent
Donald Muldrew
Donald Muldrew Sales Manager M. 0274362457 Contact Agent
Alan Cooper
Alan Cooper Property Consultant M. 027 315 5895 Contact Agent
Alana Tamakehu
Alana Tamakehu Property Consultant M. 027 738 7113 Contact Agent
Bob Griffiths
Bob Griffiths Property Consultant & Company Auctioneer M. 0274350394 Contact Agent
Emma Elliman
Emma Elliman Property Consultant M. 0278516060 Contact Agent
Hamish McDonald
Hamish McDonald Property Consultant M. 0275609819 Contact Agent
Jo Turnbull
Jo Turnbull Property Consultant M. 0272084426 Contact Agent
Kopare Williams
Kopare Williams Property Consultant M. 0277407818 Contact Agent
Matt Cutler
Matt Cutler Property Consultant (University Investments) M. 027 310 0529 Contact Agent
Nick Beard
Nick Beard Property Consultant M. 0273421706 Contact Agent
Nicky Oliver
Nicky Oliver Property Consultant M. 0274337198 Contact Agent
Polly Matena-Schaaf
Polly Matena-Schaaf Property Consultant M. 021904393 Contact Agent
Sandra Edwards
Sandra Edwards Property Consultant M. 021 818 316 Contact Agent
Tom Leonard
Tom Leonard Property Consultant M. 0275006088 Contact Agent
Warren Smith
Warren Smith Property Consultant M. 0274841036 Contact Agent

Commercial Sales, Leasing & Business Brokering

Graham Stewart
Graham Stewart Commercial Industrial Sales and Leasing M. 0272240123 Contact Agent
Jacquie Sutton
Jacquie Sutton Commercial Industrial Sales and Leasing M. 027 477 6072 Contact Agent

Administration Team - Sales

Linda Culbert
Linda Culbert Administration Contact Agent
Meghan Hill
Meghan Hill Marketing & Advertising Contact Agent

Administration Team - Property Management

Andy Holborow
Andy Holborow Accounts Manager Contact Agent
Patsy Findlay
Patsy Findlay Administration & Accounts Assistant Contact Agent
Aliana Lewis
Aliana Lewis Administration & Accounts Assistant Contact Agent

Commercial Property Management Team

Tony Cutler
Tony Cutler Commercial Managing Director M. 021 132 5854 Contact Agent
Dan Hofmann
Dan Hofmann Commercial Property Manager M. 021 028 51003 Contact Agent

Property Management Team

Matt Cutler
Matt Cutler Managing Director M. 027 310 0529 Contact Agent
Will Henry
Will Henry Property Manager M. 0274877325 Contact Agent
Andrew James
Andrew James Property Manager M. 021853559 Contact Agent
Jo Turnbull
Jo Turnbull Property Manager M. 027 208 4426 Contact Agent
Tom Buchan
Tom Buchan Property Manager M. 0273786184 Contact Agent
Linda Duncan
Linda Duncan Property Manager M. 027 768 6705 Contact Agent
Tamara Graves
Tamara Graves Property Manager M. 0278211144 Contact Agent
Matt Petre
Matt Petre Property Manager M. 022 194 1438 Contact Agent