Philip Laing House

Ground floor retail and 8 levels of commercial tenants above.
Total area 6010 m².

Moran Building

Octagon, Dunedin, 6 level commercial building with carpark at rear.

AA Building

4 level commercial building plus 101 carpark building.

Craigs Building

Ground floor rental car operation 2 upper levels of commercial space.

Strang Financial Services Building

30 London Street, Dunedin
1129m² Commercial space occupied by 4 tenants. On site, basement carpark.

Station Terraces

Anzac Avenue, Dunedin (Body Coporate).
27 Residential units owned by 20 separate proprietors

Burns House

6965m² commercial building with 5 retail tenants and 29 Commercial tenants on upper floors plus basement parking of 28 parks.