March 2020 Newsletter

Did you know that there were just under 7 sales per day during the month of February 2020? This equates to a total of 197 sales for the month, compare this to February 2019 where we had an average of 7.5 sales per day or 210 for the month.

Our median is $520,000, this is a 23.8% increase on February 2019’s median figure of $420,000. If we were to take a snapshot in time from 3 years ago (February 2017) we are currently 48.6% ahead of what was the median then of $350,000.

Days to sell are 21, slightly varied from 23 in 2019.

As of today, there are 310 properties currently displayed on and out of this 41 are sections. This shows that at present there is only just over 1 month’s supply of homes, with plenty of buyers available.

If you are considering a shift from your current home or wanting to know a probable price range of your home give your local Cutlers sales team a call.

Donald Muldrew

Sales Manager



With the news of the second case of Covid 19 being confirmed in Dunedin, we have decided to err on the side of caution and minimize contact with people as much as possible.  Not only do we have to look after staff but we also don’t want any of our property managers catching the virus and spreading it unknowingly around multiple properties.

There are a large number of student flats that are advertised in April for the following year but it seems likely that there may be a delay due to the demand not being there while people isolate themselves along with tenant’s not wanting large groups of people walking through.

At this point viewings of homes outside the student area will be treated on a case by case/ day to day basis.

We will be re-assessing the situation on the 6th of April after we’ve had a chance to see things play out.


Matt Cutler

Managing Director



COVID-19 update:

Like all companies and organizations as the situation with Covid-19 (coronavirus) continues to evolve we here at Cutlers Real Estate wish to assure you of some protocols and procedures in place to ensure best practice and safety of not only our staff and clients but also to the public as a whole.
Advice offered by the M.O.H and REINZ has been heavily taken into account and our staff will use safety measures at points of contact, including but not limited to open homes, office visits, buyer and vendor appointments.
With health and safety at the forefront, we will continue to offer our services and we thank everyone for their co-operation during this period of uncertainty.



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