The countries latest lockdown and subsequent level2 restrictions are reflected in the August Stats this year with only 117 sales recorded in the Greater Dunedin Area. This figure is better than expected especially given we went into lockdown halfway thru the month on August 17th, a reflection on last year’s corresponding time, is that for the entire month of August there was only 145 sales recorded.

Our median sale price for Aug 2021 sits at $629,000 which is up 22.1% on last year’s figure of $515.000 and compared to July’s 2021 record median of $651,000 our price only declined 3.3%.

Median days on the market were steady at 28 days which has remained similar to the corresponding figure of 27 last year.

Even with the onset of Covid restrictions and Auckland’s continued lockdown, banks and financial institutes have begun slowly rising their fixed rates, the ORC remained the same, but the Reserve Bank Governor did indicate a rise was coming in the short term even with Covid Restrictions in place. There are some attractive longer-term rates available, and we have seen buyers starting to take advantage of locking these rates in.

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